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IT Manager

With the entry of new technologies, companies have had to make a very important internal change to adapt to the new times.

All the companies are computerized and many, if not all, no longer use any traditional communication (the paper of a lifetime).

That is why from Moving-IT we believe that the internal networks of companies, such as communications to their Clients and the Internet, are so important.

Audit and Network Consulting

Switching, Vlans Management and Corporate Networks

We help you improve corporate communications

We manage switches and routers to improve Internet connection and data access.

Audit and Security Consulting

Firewalls, security in Web Servers, Antispam and Antivirus

We check the security of your communications

We improve protection by reviewing firewalls and implementing perimeter security.

Wifi Networks Management

Access Points, Wi-Fi Controllers and Captive Portal

Solutions for your business wireless communications

We manage and improve Wi-Fi connections to serve employees and customers.

Remote Connections and Telecommuting

VPNs, WebVPN, Remote Desktop ...

We review all your connections to the company

Solutions to connect from wherever you are to your company quickly and safely.

ERP and CRM Solutions

The organization in the companies is as or more important as the people who work.

Having workflows well defined, agile and customized to the needs of companies is key to a good organization and operation.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are essential to give the best service to your customers. Likewise, your commercials can organize themselves and know at any time the status of orders, perform them or organize their visits more efficiently. The sales departments will enjoy a tool to facilitate their organization.


Moving-IT propose the implementation of an Open Source system called Odoo that is becoming one of the most advanced company management software and that allows a constant and reliable personalization.

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